Luton Diving Club took a team of 13 divers to the Peter Waterfield Competition in… and had great success, coming away with 2 GOLD medals. Here is a breakdown of the competition:

Lauren Jebb was first to compete, and did an excellent forward 1.5 somersaults scoring her 7’s and 7.5 from the judges. She continued to dive extremely well through the rest of the competition, holding her own and securing the GOLD with an overall score of 251.95.

The next round found Asher Omar, Ciara Duggan and Grace Connolly all aiming to replicate Laurens earlier success. Both Grace and Ciara had a very solid competition, performing great dives throughout, scoring 7’s and 7.5’s in several dives placing Ciara in 6th place with an overall score of 257.50 and Grace in 13th place respectively with an overall score of 244.95. Asher faced some tough competition but managed to hold her own with some excellent diving, scoring 7 and above in 9 of her 12 dives, which secured her the GOLD!

The Boys competition started off with James Pollard, Calum Green and Nat Connolly all competing for a medal. It was once again a very close competition with all the boys diving extremely well. James pulled out all the stops, managing to achieve the highest mark for a back dive within the group, leading to him finishing in 5th place with an overall score of 261.45. Calum was hot on his heals with an impressive diving performance scoring him 257.95 placing him 7th. Nat produced some very solid dives against some tough competition and finished in 15th place with a score of 233.95.

Girls group C were next to compete with Faye Leek, Sarah Fleetwood and Zoe Grey representing the Club. The girls were up against some tough competition in a very closely run competition. Both Faye and Sarah dived very well against the competition scoring 6 and above in most of their dives. Faye’s performance placed her in 13th with an overall score of 250.15, with Sarah finishing in 15th with a score of 247.10. Zoe had a few wobbles during the competition, but managed to maintain her performance and finish in 21st place with a score of 239.55.
The last competitors for the club were Nick Gurteen and Ethan Drew in Boys Group C, and Henry Stockwell in Boys Group B+. Nick did extremely well throughout the competition with some very impressive diving, placing him 4th with a score of 249.00, only narrowly missing out on 3rd place by 0.45! Ethan had a very solid competition producing some good dives against tough competitors, leading him to finish in 15th place with a score of 220.25. Last to compete was Henry who began the competition with some impressive dives. He had a slight wobble towards the end, but managed to finish with an impressive score of 247.60 placing him in 7th.

A big congratulations to all those who competed at the weekend! The club is now preparing themselves for the infamous Luton Challenge on the 22nd -24th November. It promises to be another amazing weekend for both the divers and the club!

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