Luton Diving Club was originally part of Luton Kingfisher Swimming Club, which included synchronised swimming and life saving. When demand for extra diving sessions overtook supply, Luton Kingfishers Diving Club was formed. For over 50 years diving was taught at Wardown Swimming and Leisure Centre, Bath Road, Luton. Following the move to new facilities at Inspire: Luton Sports Village in 2012, squads now train on various boards and platforms up to 10m and utilise a fully equipped dry gym.

About Us

The Club has a long history stretching back over 50 years, with a primary purpose to act as the vehicle allowing members to compete in Club, Regional, National & International Diving Competitions. It is therefore distinct from Diver Training, which is now provided by Active Luton under the leadership of their Diving Development Officers. As a registered Community Amateur Sports Club we are open to people of all ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, religions or beliefs, sexes, ages and ability.
Butterfield Green Road Luton, LU2 8DD
E-mail: admin@lutondiving.co.uk Phone: N/A
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Talent Transfer

Do you have what it takes to be a diver? Children are selected to join our squads by the head coach, if they have the physical and mental attributes to be a competitive diver. We are always looking for talented children in beginner lessons, holiday courses and taster sessions who could be competitive divers. The traits we are looking for include:
  • Flexibility: good pike shape, splits, flexible shoulders and achilles
  • Springy jumps
  • Strength: strong core, arms and legs
  • Good toe point
  • Competent headstand and handstands
  • Coordination & control
  • Bravery & willingness to try new skills from high boards
  • Attention to detail and form
  • Ability to make changes to dives from coaches' comments
Children with a background in competitive gymnastics, tumbling, trampolining and dance often have some of the traits to make successful competitive divers. If you think your child has some or all of these attributes then contact LDC to arrange a trial, quoting "talent trial".