Diving coaching is run by Active Luton under the leadership of the Diving Development Officer & Head Coach.

Jack Tempest

A little bit about myself and my background.

I started diving at the age of 10 after I had completed my swimming programme. I wanted to do something different from swimming, so I gave diving a go, and grew to love it. I would continue to hone my skills towards becoming a competitive diver, but I found out this wasn’t the right path for me, and I wanted to dive for fun and to improve my skills. When I turned 16, I started coaching and loved this even more than diving myself. It is an incredible feeling to see a diver overcome a challenge that they have been facing. The feeling is just as great now 7 years on. I have always enjoyed teaching and have even gone to university to qualify as a teacher. I have taught at charities, schools as well as the pool so I have creative and fun ways to help divers face the challenges. I have now started as the assistant head diving coach, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!