This year’s National Skills was a big one with over 300 divers in attendance!  The event was held at the new Plymouth Life Centre, home of Tom Daley.  Luton Diving Club took a team of 7 divers to the event, all who have been working very hard in the build up to the event.

First to go was Frankie Gummer on Saturday morning, who had a bit of a wobble starting her competition (competition nerves!) but settled in very well scoring 257.65 in total, coming 12th.  Frankie’s dives of the competition were her pike fall from 3m, scoring 8’s and her forward dive from poolside scoring 8’s also.

Next up was Asher Omar who dived brilliantly, especially compared to her last competition results, yet had another wobble on 1m trying her new difficult forward 1.5 piked.  She came away with 254.65 points, in 18th place out of 34 divers.  Asher’s dive of the competition was her reverse pike sit on poolside scoring 8.5’s!

Then was the start of the boys group D competition, with James Pollard and Calum Green.  James had a fantastic first National Skills competition coming 12th with 281.65 points.  James was one of only a few divers at the competition scoring a perfect 10 on a back jump tucked.  Calum dived well against the tough competition scoring 251.80, just being caught out again by the 1m optional dives.  Calum’s dive of the competition was his pike fall on 3m.

The youngest diver from Luton Diving Club at the event was next up, Lauren Jebb.  Lauren was against some tough competition and a little off her normal pace (more of those nerves!), but scored a good 234.55 points.  Lauren’s dive of the competition was her fantastic back dive tucked on 1m scoring 7’s.

Last in the line up of events were the older girls Sarah Fleetwood and Zoe Grey.  Sarah in the younger group C event scored well with 248.60, doing well on her 3m line up dives, but dropping slightly with her poolside dives.  After a confidence knock at the qualifying event Sarah really upped her game at the national event to come away with a score to be proud of.  Zoe dived very well scoring less than 1 point more than Sarah, 249.40.  Zoe also had a tough qualifying event but can be very pleased with her results at the competition.  Zoe’s dives of the competition were all of her poolside dives!

All of the divers at the event did immensely well, with most of them diving against 35+ divers!  All of the coaches are very pleased and we look forward to the next National Skill event.

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