Luton diving club attended the East Regional Club Championships which were held over two weekends and came away with 6 medals, 4 of which were Gold! Here is a breakdown of the two weekends:

The first leg of the competition was held at Inspire with competitions taking place on 3m Springboard and Platform.

In the boys 3m junior competition Henry Biggs, Josh McAllister, James Cripps and Oliver Simpson were all competing. Henry dived extremely well and was untouchable throughout, storming away to take GOLD with a score of 196.55. All the boys competed well against the tough competition, with Josh coming 10th scoring 130.65, James placed 12th with a score of 126.20, and Oliver placing 13th with a score of 124.95.

Henry, James and Oliver then went onto compete on Platform. The standard of competition was once again very high and all the boys competed well. After Henry’s impressive start on the 3m springboard, he continued to dominate the competition and secured another GOLD with an overall score of 182.90. Oliver pulled out all the stops for his last even with a fantastic final dive of forward 2 ½ somersaults scoring him 39.60, and finished with an overall score of 151.45 placing him 6th. James had a tough competition with his second dive receiving a penalty, however he carried on diving very well and managed to secure 11th place with a respectable overall score of 130.35.
Elliott Browne also competed on platform at senior level and was faced with some extremely tough competition. Elliott represented the club well being one of the few divers to achieve 7’s in his first dive, and achieved an amazing score of 49 in his 5th dive, finishing with an overall score of 215.80 placing him 5th.

In the girls 3m junior competition Katherine Kerr, Grace Kouset, and Katie Cripps all competed alongside tough competitors, in a fairly close run competition. Katherine dived very well achieving a final score of 104.70 placing her 5th, with only 2.1 points separating 5th and 3rd place. Grace had a good competition with her 3rd dive, inward 1 ½ somersaults, scoring her 30.40 and boosting her through the competition to finish 9th. Katie performed well throughout each her dives, and finished in 13th with a score of 86.45 respectively.

All three girls went on to compete on the platform where the competition was very close. Katherine stepped it up a notch with some solid diving and finished with an overall score of 122.15 winning her the SILVER medal, with only 0.75 separating her from 1st place. Not far behind was Grace who also dived very well and finished 4th overall with a score of 107.10,managing to score a 7 in her back dive! Katie dived extremely well and finished 5th closely behind Grace with a score of 102.55.

The last event of the day was platform synchro, where Henry Biggs and Elliott Brown represented the club. The boys blew the competition out of the water with an impressive overall score of 174.18 winning them the GOLD!

The second leg of the competition was held at Southend and took place on the 1m Springboard.

The Girls started the competition of with Katherine, Grace and Katie all competing very well. Katherine had some tough competition, and it was a tight battle for 1st, but she managed to hold her own and finish with an overall score of 123.10 winning her the GOLD! Grace and Katie had a shaky start to the competition but settled in well after their first dive with Grace scoring 91.80 to finish 12th and Katie scoring 87.20 placing her 15th respectively.

The last event was the 1m springboard synchro in which James Cripps and Henry Biggs were representing the club. The boys faced some tough competition and performed extremely well scoring 8.5’s for synchronisation in their second dive, and placing 4th overall with only 0.58 separating them from 3rd place.

Congratulations to all the divers who competed over the two weekends. It’s now back to training for these divers in preparation for Southampton at the end of the month. Southampton is also the next destination for our skills level divers on 10th November!

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