Luton Diving Club attended the competition in Stevenage last weekend with 13 divers.  The competition was a high standard with tough judging as the competition is a qualifier for National Skills held in Plymouth.

Big congratulations to Medallists James Pollard (D) and Frankie Gummer (D) who came home with Gold and Bronze medal respectively (see photos).

Just missing medals was Lauren Jebb 4th (E) the youngest qualifier for National Skills.  Ciara Duggan (D) competed very well and came away with a well deserved 5th place.  Asher Omar (8th) and Grace Connolly (11th) in the same age-group did very well competing the difficult front 1.5 somersualts tucked on 1m.

Nat Connolly, competing against James, in Boys group D had a good second competition with a well-rounded list of dives to come 11th.  Ahmed Omar (C) competed well to place 6th– just missing those 2 tough 1m dives the front 1.5 tucked and reverse dive tucked.

In the Girls group C Georgie Phillips came away with a qualifying score for National Skills and will be looking to make the transition to compete in Age Groups later this year.  Sarah Fleetwood had a tough poolside competition and managed her (not so scary anymore!) back dive tucked on 1m to come 13th.  Zoe Gray (16th) and Ellie Dudley (18th) had good competitions in this large, highly competitive group.

Henry Stockwell in the older age group didn’t compete for National Skills qualifier but came away with a very respectable 5th place: he will be looking at getting 12 dives over 1m and 3m to compete in the National competition.

A summary of the results can be results can be found here.

Very well done to all who competed and to the team support!  Even untill the very end we had great cheering from everyone.

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