Luton Diving Club took a team of 7 divers to Southend Diving Centre to compete in the East Region Age Groups. The team consisted of Grace Kouset, Georgie Phillips, Katie Cripps, Katherine Kerr, Henry Biggs, Oliver Simpson and Josh McAllister. All 7 divers dominated in their events, coming away with a very impressive medal haul, including 11 GOLDS from the 15 events that were entered!

Girls Group D saw Katherine Kerr and Katie Cripps dominate the GOLD and SILVER medal position across the 1m, 3m and platform events, finishing at least 10 marks clear of third place each time. Katie produced some very solid dives on 1m to walk away with the SILVER, scoring 123.65. Katherine dominated throughout the competition, impressing with her inward 1 ½ somersaults which scored 37.40, helping her to secure the GOLD medal with a score of 147.70. On to 3m, and both girls continued to impress with their diving performances. Katie upped her game, and produced some very consistent diving, once again taking the SILVER with a score of 142.60, an impressive 12 points ahead of third place. Katherine was on top form, producing some excellent dives, and easily finished in 1st place taking the GOLD with a score of 152.10. On to platform, and Katie and Katherine aimed to hold onto their top spots. Katie did not disappoint with her diving, and easily held on to her SILVER medal position with a score of 101.60. Katherine was competing higher tariff dives, and put in a very solid performance, making it a hat-trick with another 1st place finish, scoring 119.85.

Oliver Simpson was competing in the Boys group D events, and hoped to follow in the success of Katie and Katherine. Oliver faced some tough competitors on 1m, but managed to hold his own, and with some impressive dives he secured the GOLD medal with a score of 139.65. On 3m, Ollie had to fight to hold onto the top spot, but with his forward 2 ½ somersaults scoring 37.40, he walked away with the GOLD and a score of 152.60. Ollie was looking to make it a clean sweep on platform, and produced some very solid dives. His final dive, forward 2 ½ somersaults scored 36.00, and boosted him from 3rd up into 1st place with a score of 122.65, making it another hat-trick.

Grace Kouset was up next competing in Girls Group C, and faced some tough competitors. She dived well on 1m, and despite landing slightly short in her front 2 ½ somersaults, she finished in 5th with a score of 151.50. Onto 3m, and Grace turned it up a notch, producing some excellent dives including her inward 1 ½ which scored 42.00! A very impressive performance saw Grace take the GOLD medal with a score of 189.65. She continued to dive well on platform, and some very consistent dives saw her finish in 3rd place taking the BRONZE with a score of 138.25.

Georgie Phillips was the last girl to compete, and produced some great dives on 1m. She finished in 4th place with a score of 186.90, only just missing out on the bronze medal. On 3m, Georgie was determined to medal, and some very consistent dives saw her push her way up the score board. She finished in 3rd place, taking the BRONZE medal with a score of 184.00. Platform saw Georgie up her game once again, and with her inward 1 ½ somersaults scoring 35.20, she managed to take the GOLD medal with a score of 155.95.

Josh McAllister and Henry Biggs were competing in Boys Group B, and both hoped to follow the others success. Josh started on 1m and put in a very solid performance, absolutely smashing the competition to take the GOLD with a score of 188.60. On to 3m, and Josh was determined to hold on to the top spot. Some very impressive dives, including his back 1 ½ somersaults 1 ½ twists which scored 42.00, saw him take the GOLD again with a score of 232.00! Henry only competed on platform, and got off to a flying start, scoring 7 and 7.5 from all judges for his forward 1 ½ somersaults. Some very good diving saw Henry take the GOLD with a score of 223.75.

Congratulations to everyone that competed! David was very impressed with the standard of diving from everyone, and with the support given by all the divers. Back to the pool for now to prepare for the National Age group competition at the beginning of July.

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