Thursday 20th February

Thursday evening saw Grace Kouset be the first to take to the boards for Luton Diving Club, competing in the Girls C 1m preliminary round. Grace was diving against 30 competitors in a very closely run competition, but came out fighting with some very solid dives, despite landing short in her back 1 ½ tuck. Grace finished in 17th place with a score of 162.40.

Friday 21st February

Oliver Simpson, Henry Biggs, Josh McAllister, Katherine Kerr and Katie Cripps were all competing on day two of the competition. Ollie began his competition on 5m producing some great dives, and only narrowly missed out on a place in the final, finishing in 8th with a score of 107.80. Josh and Henry were up next on 1m and both produced some excellent dives. Josh was diving with an ankle injury, but still managed to produce some very consistent dives, placing him in 16th with a score of 196.80. Henry was determined to make it to the final, and impressed with his back 1 ½ which scored 41.40. Despite some excellent dives he narrowly missed out on a place in the final finishing in 7th place with a score of 227.75

Katherine and Katie started their competition on 1m with some very consistent diving. Katie started well producing some impressive dives to finish in 16th place with an overall score of 104.00. Katherine was fighting it out at the top to secure a place in the final, producing some consistent dives and finishing in 5th place with an overall score of 137.60. In the 1m Final, Katherine was determined to improve upon her 5th place finish, and with an impressive back 1 ½ she managed to move up a place, finishing in 4th with a score of 91.10.

Saturday 22nd February

The third day of the competition saw all the divers return to the pool, determined to improve upon their previous performances. Katie and Katherine were competing on 5m, and faced some tough competition. Katherine held her own throughout, with her inwards 1 ½ and forward 2 ½ both scoring 36.00, she stormed into the final in 1st place with a score of 131.50. Katie produced some great dives and was not far off qualifying for the final, finishing in 9th place with a score of 100.85. In the 5m final, Katherine had the other divers hot on her heels, but with some solid diving she managed to secure a Bronze medal with an overall score of 95.10.

Grace was next to compete on platform, and despite facing a large group of competitors she confidently dived her way through the competition. Grace impressed with her forward 2 ½ which scored 39.60, and helped her finish in 16th with an overall score of 143.30.
The Boys E/D 3m preliminary saw Ollie turn his diving up a notch, with his front 2 ½ receiving 6 and 6 ½ from the judges to score 40.70 for the dive. Some impressive dives saw Ollie score 156.55 placing him in 5th going into the final. Ollie continued to dive well in the final, and maintained his 5th place position with an overall score of 96.40.

Henry faced some tough competition in the Boys B platform event, and despite some very strong dives, including his front 1 ½, he finished in 12th place with an overall score of 189.50.

Sunday 23rd February

The last day of the competition saw Henry Biggs, Josh Mcallister, Katherine Kerr, Katie Cripps and Grace Kouset diving in the aim of qualifying for a final.

Henry and Josh finished their competition on 3m, and despite his ankle injury, Josh dived very well finishing in 14th with a score of 209.55. Henry finished his competition on 3m, with some very impressive diving, scoring 6 and 6 ½ for several of his dives. Despite an excellent performance, Henry narrowly missed out on a place in the final, finishing in 8th with a score of 247.75.

Katie and Katherine were also competing on 3m, and were both determined to qualify for the final. Katherine produced some very consistent dives, placing her in 5th with a score of 142.30. Katie pulled out all the stops, with some impressive dives including her back dive pike, which helped secure her 3rd place finish with a score of 144.20. In the final, the competition was turned up a notch with all 6 finalists determined to medal. Despite some very solid dives Katie finished in 5th place with a score of 89.30. Katherine competed dives with a higher tariff and performed them well, moving her way up the score board, securing herself the GOLD with a score of 107.45.

Grace faced another large group of competitors on 3m, and started off with some very consistent dives including her back dive pike which scored 6 from four out of the five judges. Grace finished in 16th place with a score 151.15.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in Plymouth, David and Chelsey were impressed with the hard work from all the divers. Now its back to training in order to prepare for G-Star which takes place in Leeds in just over a month.

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