There are two types of Fee – Club Fees and Training Fees. The latter is charged by Active Luton and whilst replicated below is beyond the control or responsibility of the club. Any matters relating to training fees should be taken up with Active Luton through the Head Coach.

Club Fees

These are paid annually, due in January, and collected by the Membership Officer. They are made up by adding the Club and relevant Swim England Registration Fee:

Category Description Swim England Fee
Train (1) Divers in low level competitions £14.35
Compete (2) Divers in Regional and above age group competitions £36.65
Support (3) Non competitive members e.g. coaches and committee members £5.25

The Swim England fee shown above includes County and Regional fees where applicable. The club fee (£46 per diver) covers the administrative costs of the club. A copy of the Membership Pack can be downloaded from here.

Training Fees

These are set by Active Luton into bands dictated by the number of hours training per week. As from 2022 fees will be set as below:

Hrs per Week Fee per Month
1.5 – 2 £41.00
2.5 – 3 £56.00
3.5 – 4 £68.40
4.5 – 5 £77.20
5.5 – 6 £85.40
6.5 – 7 £95.50
7.5 – 9 £107.40
9.5 – 11 £113.30
11.5 – 12  £119.30
12.5 – 15 £125.00
15+ £135.00

Fees are  based on a 48 week year to take account of holidays and cancelled sessions. Subsequent siblings, from the one whom trains the higher number of hours, will received a 10% discount. Fees are paid directly to Active Luton through the Diving Development Officer, who can be contacted via email for further details.