Green Tokens – Waitrose, Harpenden

During the month of July, and in the lead-up to the Summer Olympics in Rio, Luton Diving Club will feature within the Harpenden Branch of Waitrose. There, shoppers will have the opportunity to show their support for Luton Diving Club or two other charities / local causes by “voting” using a green token. At the end of the month each charity will then receive a proportion of a “community donation” made by Waitrose in accordance with the votes cast.

So if you live, work or are visiting Harpenden this month – and need some shopping – please drop into Waitrose and support your Diving Club!

ASA Diving Sports Hub

The ASA have now finished work on their “Diving Sports Hub” site. This contains latest news as well as information on National Competitions, Results, Diver Profiles,  Diver Development Programmes and Coaching.

One to visit on the lead up to Rio 2016.

Luton Challenge 2015 – Photos

Photographs from the Saturday of the Luton Challenge 2015, courtesy of Mr Malcolm Fretwell.