Fundraising while you shop & surf

Luton Diving Club is now registered with and enabling the club to raise funds while we shop and surf!!!!!

All you have to do is when you intend to make a purchase access the retailers site through instead of google (or other search engine) stating the good cause as Luton Diving Club and that will automatically give a percentage of the price you spend to the club. Different retailers donate a different percentage.

Attach the easyfundraising toolbar and it will automatically remind you to go through easyfundraising and tell you what percentage that retailer is donating to the club.

If you use easysearching site to surf the web instead of google or other search engines, every time we search we raise money. Attach this search engine onto your search bar and away you go.

Instructions on attaching toolbars/searchbars are on the and websites, at the press of a button.

Thank you very much in helping us raise funds for the club.

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